Reiki: A Guide to Self-Discovery

 Reiki:  A Guide to Self-Discovery

8 Week Course.

This is an intermediate to advanced level class designed to move you into a deeper understanding and mastery of the skills, knowledge and practical applications of Reiki.

Each week we will focus on 1-2 Reiki healing symbols, a physical system of the human body, and a chakra center to examine areas of contracted energy within ourselves for the purpose of self-discovery, release and personal healing with the healing energy of Reiki.  The course is designed to work with each segment of information continuously over the course of the eight weeks.  There are daily homework assignments that are designed to help you integrate the energy into your being gently and consistently through out the course to allow complete integration of the energy into your daily life and through your entire being with the support and encouragement of the class structure.  The homework assignments are a crucial and integral aspect of this course and require a commitment on your part to receive the full benefits of the class.

The course is designed to be a journey through your physical body to your soul, helping you discover your self-limiting beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage that prevent you from joyously moving forward in life.  You will have the opportunity to experience firsthand the powerful yet gentle benefits that cultivating a practice of unconditional love and compassion brings to your daily life, and gain a deeper trust and understanding of your own inner guidance and intuition through the process.

Class meets once a week for four hours for eight consecutive weeks.

Class includes advanced guided meditations and Reiki techniques, a complete course manual, certificate of completion*,  introduction to 12 Reiki healing symbols.

*Upon completion of this course you will be certified to practice Reiki as an independent Reiki Master.

Some of the topics covered include:

  • A review of Reiki Level 1 & 2
  • The seven primary chakras
  • 12 Reiki  Healing Symbols
  • Systems of the human body
  •  Resentments, Rejections, Regrets
  • Love, Forgiveness, Compassion
  • Acceptance and Expectations
  • Judgments, Fear, Trust
  • Perspective, Perception, Truth and Reality
  • Oneness and Faith
  • Control vs Empowering
  • and much more!