Reclaiming Your Divine Self

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divinelightAs I embark on this new phase of Life as an ‘Empty Nester,’ I find myself with many mixed emotions.  Looking around at the aftermath left behind from the hurried scramble of getting each child off on their new adventures, I find myself in a phase of Reclaiming my space, my home, and my identity.  Going through old boxes of their childhood memories is cleansing, sad, and wonderful all at the same time.  This phase of our lives has come to completion, and it is Good to let go with a Loving embrace and a sense of Gratitude… And to welcome the new changes into my life with Joy, Excitement, Curiosity and Wonder…  Reclaiming My Life for the purpose of my own, personal Divine Path.

We all have given parts of ourselves away to others and circumstances in our Lives.  It is a normal part of being human and in relationship with those we love.  Sometimes though, we cling to ideas, routines, or even people in our lives that have long since served their purpose.  And we find ourselves resistant to change, holding onto resentments, and struggling to maintain an illusion of control in our day to day lives.

Where in your life are you holding onto an idea, hope, dream, loved one or memory that is no longer serving your Divine Self?  Where in your life can you bring in Love and Gratitude as you allow the Loving Light of God to release you from the cords and chains that you have created to hold you on a particular course that has long been completed?

What do you need to Release in your own Life to Reclaim your Divine Self and to Bring you back into Alignment with your Heart, your Soul and your Walk with God?

With Love and Gratitude, Allow the Light within your own Heart to Brighten and filter out that which no longer serves you and that which you are willing to release, with ease and grace for your highest and greatest good in line with Divine Will.

Many Blessings,


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