Divine Beauty!

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Allow your Divine Beauty to shine through every aspect of your Life

Jelan has created a safe, non judgmental, down to earth environment for you to explore the energetic connections in your life, embrace and share your stories and feelings, and gently allow you to release them back to the Universe:  Allowing your Divine Light to shine through every aspect of your being more brightly.

     Relax            Release           Rejuvenate     


Tuesday – Friday

10:00 AM to 3:00PM

By Appointment

Reiki Classes

Class schedule coming soon!

Registration Deadlines are two weeks before class dates.  A non-refundable deposit holds your space for the class.  

Reiki Shares

open to the public and FREE of charge TBA

Practitioner’s Reiki Shares $10 TBA


Taking Appointments!

Salon Services with Reiki

Healing Sessions


Registering for Reiki  Classes!

Call / Text Jelan @


or email at:


For OnLine Booking visit:


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