8 Week Healing Through the Chakras with Reiki Course.

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This is an 8 week course that will meet every Wednesday evening from 5:00 – 9:00 PM beginning April 5, 2017.


This class will journey you through your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and subtle body (chakra system), while learning the natural healing system of Reiki.  This class will take the student from Reiki Level 1 – Reiki Master through the course of 8 weeks, while working intensely on your own personal healing.


Each week we will focus on 1-2 Reiki healing symbols, while examining areas in our own personal energetic and physical bodies.   You will learn how to identify contracted energy within your own physical and subtle body and how to allow healing energy to come in to facilitate the healing process.   


We will systematically go through the systems of the human body, the chakras, and the auric field examining areas of contracted energy for the purpose of self-discovery and personal healing with the healing energy of Reiki.   


The class is designed to be exploratory and fun while asking yourself some tough questions with the hope of growing closer to our own unique expression of Divine Self.


Upon completion of this course you will be certified as a Reiki Master and have a general understanding of the human subtle body, how blockages are formed within the subtle body and how to release them back into the essence of Creation.


Attendance is required for completion of the class and certification.


Registration is now open for this course.


Cost: Introductory Rate!  $875


(Non-refundable Deposit of $275 secures your space.)

Space is Limited. Register Early.


Class Date/Times: Every Wednesday, April 5 – May 24, 2017  5:00-9:00 PM


To Register  visit www.theReikiStylist.com

Click on the Register for Class button which will take you to my online store page with Square Register to process your credit card payment.


You may also contact Jelan at 360-853-3678 by text message or phone call (please leave a message).  Or by Email at  Jelan.theReikiStylist@gmail.com


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