Allowing your Divine Beauty to shine through every aspect of your Life

Jelan has created a safe, non judgmental, down to earth environment for you to explore the energetic connections in your life, embrace and share your stories and feelings, and gently allow you to release them back to the Universe:  Allowing your Divine Light to shine more brightly through every aspect of your being.

Relax ~ Release ~ Rejuvenate

Our Services

Reiki Sessions & Treatments

Designed to offer you a safe environment to explore the energetic connections in your life, empower you with tools to continue your self healing at home, and create shifts in your perspective to help facilitate positive change in your life.  Includes healing techniques from Reiki integrated with various other modalities.

About Jelan

Jelan's true gift is teaching and empowering others to step into their Divine Presence on Earth.  She has been a Reiki Master for over 10 years, and a light-worker for over 25 years.  She has blended healing techniques and teaching from her lifetime of study into her new eight week course - Reiki: A Guide to Self-Discovery.  She is a Licensed Cosmetologist in the State of Washington, and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry.



Community-style Healing Sesions

These sessions are designed to offer the benefits of a healing session to those in the community  with a limited income.  Sessions are Limited to six (6) participants and registration is required.  The group is guided through a very powerful healing technique that allows for your confidentiality to remain in tack within a group setting.

This is an introductory class designed for those who are new to the concepts of healing and energy work.  This course will explain what Reiki is and teach you how to access and utilize this wonderful healing energy available to each and everyone of us at any time.  This course empowers you to listen and trust your own intuition while strengthening your spiritual path for the purpose of helping you heal your Body, Mind and Spirit.  This class meets once a week for four consecutive weeks OR as a four-day intensive workshop.



Reiki: A Guide to Self-Discovery (Reiki Master/Level 3)

This is an intermediate to advanced level course designed for those with either a Reiki Level 1 (or higher) certificate or have had other healing/energy training from another healing modality.  This class will journey you through your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and subtle body (chakra system) while learning the natural healing system of Reiki.  This class will take you from Reiki Level 1 through Reiki Master during the course of 8 weeks while working intensely on your personal healing process.   Class meets once a week for 8 consecutive weeks.

Reiki: Empowering Transformation (Teacher Level)

This is an advanced level class designed to help you create a comfortable teaching style for you to share with others.  We will examine the elements of various attunement styles, class structure options, key areas to present to your students and how to create your own guided meditations.   Other topics of discussion include:  class manuals, insurance options, creating certificates, professional association memberships, code of ethics, documentation, forms and much more! The class is interactive, fun and playful.  Coming Soon!

What is Reiki?
Does it work? How? How can Reiki enhance my life?
Reiki (pronounced "ray-key") is a gentle, hands-on technique which combines universal energy with that of the individual to open pathways of healing. This form of healing happens gently and gradually for the highest and greatest good of all.
The possibilities are truly endless.
"Jelan's healing sessions helped me to move through a challenging personal time in my life in a way that conventional therapies could not. I am so grateful for her ability to truly listen in a deep and honest way, then gently guide me toward unveiling my own inner truth. Her presence is subtle, empowering and transformational. What a blessing Jelan has been in my life!" -Jessie T, Yoga Instructor

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More Information about the 8 Week Reiki and Chakra Course

More informationn about my upcoming 8 Week Reiki and Chakra Course: The class will meet once a week for four hours, Wednesday evenings from 5:00 – 9:00 PM. Over the years, one of the main things I have heard from […]

8 Week Healing Through the Chakras with Reiki Course.

  This is an 8 week course that will meet every Wednesday evening from 5:00 – 9:00 PM beginning April 5, 2017.   This class will journey you through your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and subtle body (chakra system), while […]

Reclaiming Your Divine Self

As I embark on this new phase of Life as an ‘Empty Nester,’ I find myself with many mixed emotions.  Looking around at the aftermath left behind from the hurried scramble of getting each child off on their new adventures, […]

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